A high quality transfer service for your video, cine film, music and photographic media ...

We can transfer the following formats to DVD or any other format of your choice (e.g. mpeg, avi, wmv, mpeg4, flash video for websites):-                          
                                                VHS and VHS-C
                                                Video8 and Hi8
Video to DVD              8mm cine film (standard and super-8)
              Mini-DV tapes
              Mini DVD
              HDD camcorder
              Video clips from still cameras (.mov, mp4, etc)
              Video clips from cell phones  

how does it work?

We first capture your video to a PC - the capture process converts analog video into a digital format.

We then perform basic editing to remove any obvious mistakes, such as when the camcorder has unintentionally been left running with the lens cap on - it's OK, we've all done it!  If required, we can also do advanced editing including intros, background music, special effects, titles and credits (View sample).

Next we "author" the DVD, which involves building the structure of the DVD video including (where appropriate) creating one or more menu pages - this is so you can select which clip you want to watch and go directly to that segment without having to fast forward through the whole disc. Finally we burn the video onto a printable disc and print your title on the label. The DVD is presented in a standard case.

Alternatively you may prefer digital files (e.g. MP4) on removable media such as a USB flash stick or external hard drive.

Cine filmcine film to DVD

For film, we use a cine projector to project the image into a special lightbox and record it using a digital camcorder before transferring the footage to PC for editing.

Cine film usually shows signs of aging - fading and colour shift to the red end of the spectrum. In our editing software we apply filters to the digitised images to restore some of the original tones. If the cine film has sound, we record the sound separately and synchronise audio and video on the PC.  If there is no sound, we can add background music of your choice.

Please note that standard DVDs are designed to hold up to 2 hours of DVD video. Whilst it is possible to squeeze on much more than this, the extra compression required means that picture quality is compromised - this manifests itself as "blockiness" or pixellation and is especially noticeable on today's larger screens.


+ 8mm cine film, Video 8, Hi-8, mini-DV, etc

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