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Scan slides... slides, photos, negatives scanned, retouched, copied to CD or DVD

We can scan photographs (up to A4 size), slides and negatives (any size from 110 to medium format). We use a dedicated photo scanner designed from the ground up for scanning film, rather than just a document scanner with a film adapter. Digital ICETM technology removes dust and scratches.

After scanning we use PhotoshopTM together with a range of proprietary plug-ins to restore levels and colour saturation to faded images, remove red-eye and correct other imperfections. We do this at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay elsewhere.

DVD slideshow

You can turn a collection of snapshots (either film or digital) into a really memorable experience or a very special gift by putting them into a DVD slideshow. By adding zooming and panning motion to each image with a variety of transitions in between them and the correct use of special effects, titles and background music, your photos really come to life.

Slideshow tips

Slideshows work best if the collection of images tells a particular story - favourite examples are weddings, special birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and other landmark events. They can also be used in business for promotional purposes.

If you are thinking of requesting a slideshow, please bear in mind that each image displays for a certain amount of time - typically 6-7 seconds works well on average although, depending on the subject matter, shorter or longer may work better. With this example 100 images would produce roughly a slidehow of 10 minutes duration (actually shorter than that because of time taken up by the transitions between slides - usually 1-2 seconds each). 

Please give lots of thought to background music - it really can make or break your show. While it's tempting just to request your favourite pieces of music these don't always make the best partner for the visual matter, so do try to bit a little creative - we can always try to assist you in your choices.

Scan slides

scan slides

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