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Maybe it's my nostalgia for a bygone age or maybe it's because the music really was so much better back then - but buying a new LP was a real event, much anticipated. That shiny black platter was a thing of beauty, a prized collectible.

But vinyl had it's limitations. It was not designed for portability - playing music on the move (that was the domain of the audio cassette). Durability was limited and getting good results from playback equipment could be costly and involve tricky setting up. Making copies was out of the question without recording to tape.

There can be no denying that the success of digital media such as the CD is down to sheer convenience. And, importantly, once in any digital format it is a relatively easy task to convert to a different digital format, even without loss of quality.

how does it work?

Firstly, LPs usually benefit from cleaning - we use a solution of isopropyl alcohol - which removes any surface contaminants and has the added benefit of reducing static, helping to keep dust at bay.

Next we record the material onto a workstation using an appropriate combination of high quality components (turntable, pre-amp, tape deck, sound card, etc). The sound card converts the analog signal into digital (.wav) format.

Then the clever stuff begins. We use the best available commercial software especially designed for audio restoration - if the source is vinyl, the first task is to remove impulse noise such as clicks and crackles. Next is broadband noise reduction (for tapes this is usually the first step, i.e. reducing tape hiss).

When noise levels are acceptable, we carry out equalization (not always necessary) to adjust frequency response and normalisation (loudness), before splitting into individual tracks and either writing to a CD or converting to mp3 or another digital format.

CDs are supplied in jewel cases with printed labels and printed paper inserts with track listings.
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