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Unless you are young enough to have lived entirely in the digital era then you probably have many, if not most, of your life impressions recorded on analog media, e.g. videotape, photographs and/or slides. The soundtrack to your life may include favourite pieces of music recorded on vinyl LPs or audio cassettes.

In terms of preserving our memories, the biggest problem with analog technology is principally wear and tear:-

  • Video and audio tapes have a magnetic coating which deteriorates slightly each time the tape is played. The players themselves have mechanical moving parts which are subject to wear, as well as oxide build-up;
  • Vinyl records are subject to progressive wear, which is made worse if the tonearm and stylus are not perfectly aligned - and they rarely are. In addition, vinyl is prone to scratching as well as static electricity which attracts dust, resulting in that familiar crackling noise that ruins many listening experiences;
  • Photographs and film fade over time, losing much of their colour saturation and detail in the process.

why choose our services?

Maybe you no longer own a VCR, but have irreplaceable memories stored on tape - your wedding, footage of the children, that once in a lifetime holiday? Perhaps you've already upgraded your camcorder to a mini-DV or hard disk drive model but want a more convenient way to view the content? A shoebox full of 8mm cine film reels and a projector that gave up the ghost a decade ago? A collection of favourite LPs and a turntable without a needle? Maybe you were a budding photographer in the 1970s but now those boxes of slides are taking up just too much space.

We can transfer your videos to DVD, LPs or cassettes to CD (removing unwanted crackle and hiss) and store your retouched photographs and slides on CD or DVD, with or without slideshow effects. Once your memories are in digital format they can be copied time and time again without any loss of quality.

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